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According to a Minute Entry and Notation Order by Judge Timothy M. Black, former Wheelersburg pain clinic operator Margaret “Margy” Temponeras is scheduled to go on trial in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati April 3, 2017. The document also says her father, John Temponeras and pharmacist Raymond Fankell are scheduled to go on trial at the same time, and the Order does not specify the charges. READ MORE.

Matthew J. Hoyo rubbed shoulders with Donald Trump; flew to Macau, China, to negotiate the construction of a casino; and advised legendary hedge-fund billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller. He worked at the Goldman Sachs international investment-banking firm, lived in a Manhattan apartment next to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and commanded a $325,000 hourly fee. The resume of a financial genius? Perhaps, if every claim wasn’t a lie. READ MORE.

Michael Dodds was good at deleting student records for Columbus City Schools, and the district in turn was good to Dodds, promoting him from principal to a Downtown executive in charge of 26 schools. But that symbiotic relationship came back to haunt Dodds on Thursday, when a Franklin County deputy led him away from a courtroom to begin serving a 14-day jail term on three felony counts for tampering with student data to make the district look better. Dodds will serve 16 months of probation after his release. READ MORE.

Just after the former data czar for Columbus schools was found guilty of a felony yesterday and agreed to be a witness in other cases, his attorney said former Superintendent Gene Harris knew of his plan to alter student data. Stephen B. Tankovich’s attorney said Harris was “aware of the issues and the conflicts” behind Tankovich’s plan to alter student data in Columbus City Schools and that he discussed it with her in meetings. READ MORE.

The two Columbus principals who sued the school board, current and former superintendents and many others yesterday seek vindication, their jobs back and at least $400,000 each. The principals, who are being fired for their role in Columbus City Schools’ student-data scandal, say they won’t be made the villains when an entire district full of principals and other administrators also changed data – or trained others to do so – but haven’t been punished. READ MORE.

AKRON, Ohio — Two of Jimmy Dimora’s friends took paid escorts to Canada for what prosecutors described as their “services” during a 2003 gambling junket with the then-Cuyahoga County commissioner.

Taking women across any state border for sex is forbidden under the Mann Act, a federal law aimed at combating the sex trade. But federal prosecutors did not file charges against Dimora’s friends. A spokesman for prosecutors declined to comment on their decision. READ MORE.