Dateline NBC: Dangerous Liaisons

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Dateline NBC: Dangerous Liaisons

Dateline NBC: Dangerous Liaisons

She was sentenced to life in prison. Brad Barbin, a former state and federal prosecutor took on Cindy’s case, post-conviction, knowing full well that most appeals are a long shot.

Excerpt from the story on June 6, 2007:

Brad Barbin: Appeals generally are not fruitful. You lose appeals all the time. It’s a fact of life.

But he says Cindy’s trial was so unusual in the way it played out, he had hope the appeals court would not ignore the case.

Barbin: When you have the kind of fact pattern that nobody’s ever seen before and nobody can believe, that’s when you get a retrial. That’s when you get somebody walking out of jail because the evidence just isn’t there.

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